The Brunswick Portland Shambhala Meditation  Center relies on—and deeply appreciates—the inspiration, energy and talents of many volunteers who share in the activity of making our offerings available in Maine.  This activity is part of what is known in the Shambhala community as “creating enlightened society.”

We welcome members and nonmembers alike to volunteer according to their interests. Whatever the interest, skill or background, we can probably find an outlet for it! We provide guidance and support as fitting.

Outlined below are some of the ways you can contribute as a volunteer and also deepen your own practice and connection. To get involved or learn more, contact us at [email protected] or via the contact information below.

Volunteer Opportunites

Societal Health and Well-being (working in concert with our local Desung and Culture and Decorum representatives)
Who:  Open to members and regular practitioners
Responsibilities: Promoting community by supporting sangha pot-lucks, care teams when needed (recovery),  diversity,  assessibility and community projects.
Time required:  Variable
Contact:  Brenda Thompson| [email protected]

Desung Corps (Dorje Kasung role of Bliss Protector)
Who: Open to members, regular practitioners and Dorje Kasung
Responsibilities: Works with Center Desung and Director of Health and Well-being to provide protection and care for sangha members in need of care. We would provide transportation, make food, visit those in need, check-in with individuals via telephone/skype/in person, mobilize resources, and help to make community connections. Ensures optimal communication while performing duties. Helps maintain harmony within the sangha.
Time required: 1-3 hours per month
Contact person:  TBA

Center Facilities Team
Who: Open to regular practitioners
Responsibilities: Renovations, repairs, and generally caring for the center to provide an inviting and enriching physical environment
Time required: Flexible—
BrunswickFacilities| Walter Chop|[email protected]
Brunswick Housekeeping| 
Portland Facilities| Matthew Alcorn|[email protected]
Portland Housekeeping

Ikebana Volunteers
Who: Open to Members
Responsibilities: Creating and tending flower arrangements that bring both arranger and viewer into the present moment.  Flower arrangements are done for training weekends and public programs.
Time required: Flexible—perhaps 2 – 4 hours monthly
Contact: Joy Kish|[email protected]

Public Meditation Staff
Who: Open to regular practitioners
Responsibilities: Timekeeping, leading chants—all intended to support participants’ meditation practice and help build community. There would be a need for training and review of guidelines.
Time required: 1 – 3 hours monthly (or more often)
Contact: Ryann McMann |[email protected]

Shambhala Training Weekend Retreat Staff
Who: Open to Shambhala Training Level III graduates
Responsibilities: Center setup and cleanup, registration, timekeeping, gatekeeping, sound system operation, kitchen work, and coordination
Time required: Ideally, the duration of a weekend retreat
Contact: Coordinator for the Specific Weekend Retreat | See description of event on website

Practice and Education
Who: Open to Members
Responsibilities: Function as  registrar/greeter, coordinator, discussion facilitator for groups, videos, and classes.
Time Required:Variable
Contact: [email protected]

Culture & Decorum
Who: Open to Members
Responsibilities: Shrine Keeper, Shambhala Arts, Ikebana
Time Required:Variable

Who: Open to Members
Responsibilities: Website, Social Media, Seasonal Brochures, Press Releases, Poster Distribution, Audio, Video
Time required: 1-2 hours monthly
Contact: Joan Carney| [email protected]

Brunswick Portland Shambhala Council
Who: Open to Members
Responsibilities: Attending monthly meetings to help guide, support and harmonize all the centre’s activities
Time required: 2 hours (or more) monthly
Contact: Barbara Egan | [email protected]

Dorje Kasung
Who: Open to Members
Responsibilities: Providing protection—of the center environment, teachers, teachings, and community—through awareness; learn more on the Dorje Kasung page
Time required: Variable
Contact: Tim Fuller | [email protected]