Meditation Instruction

In Shambhala, mindfulness-awareness meditation is the foundation of everything we do. Originating from Shakyamuni Buddha about 2,600 years ago, this practice is the art of resting the mind, opening the heart, and appreciating what it is to be fully human.

“Meditation is looking at our own backyard, you could say, looking at what we really have and discovering the richness that already exists.”

—Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

Meditation Instructors

Perhaps the Brunswick Portland Shambhala Center’s most valuable offering, meditation instruction is available to anyone, free of charge. We offer introductory instruction to newcomers and follow-up instruction to other practitioners.

Shambhala meditation instructors are senior Shambhala Buddhist practitioners specially trained and authorized to help people deepen and expand their conceptual and experiential understanding of meditation (see below).

We encourage anyone interested in this journey to establish a working relationship with the meditation instructor of her/his choice and keep working with the instructor for as long as doing so feels beneficial.
To set up a meeting with a meditation instructor contact the Coordinator, Sarah Chandler at or 207-865-1907.

For introductory meditation instruction we also have Shambhala Guides who can provide initial instruction.  See the list below and contact Sarah for an appointment.

Brunswick Portland Shambhala Center meditation instructors currently available are listed below.

Brunswick/ Portland Shambhala Meditation Instructors

Sarah ChandlerSarah Chandler | Meditation Instructor Coordinator|

It was important for me to have someone I could turn to within the sangha. I always valued my MI for more than assistance with my meditation.

Kathy BitherKathy Bither |

My MI has helped me with confidence, motivation and providing an ear.


Chip Carpenter|

They helped me when obstacles arose in my practice. I also experienced their ability to give me space to see my own wisdom nature.

DoucetMichael Doucet|

They helped me by honestly asking what blind sides or obstacles I might have, how to be a better practitioner, gaining insights into what to expect on the path and how to be more grounded.

KristenKristen Lombard|

Angela LutzenbergerAngela Lutzenberger|

They helped refine my understanding of practice, helped me further discern interpretation from understanding and discern differences between understanding and experience. They have all greatly helped guide me along on my path.


Glenn Prentice|


Marguerite Prentice|

Toby SiftonToby Sifton|

They poked holes in my concepts and encouraged maitri [unconditional friendliness towards self which radiates out to others.]


Peter Spano|

Christopher St. John Kit St. John

Christopher St. John|

I have benefited from the kindness of many students and MI’s who have brought me to the Shambhala dharma and kept me inspired.

Eunice St. JohnEunice St. John|

They acted as a mirror and as an example, most effectively by being open and listening.

Judith SouleJudi Soule|

He has been a vital support in my continuing practice. I would be happy if I could pass along even a fraction of the wisdom he has shared with me.

Brunswick /Portland Shambhala Guides

Shambhala Guides are individuals who have received training in offering initial meditation instruction.  In addition, they are available to answer questions about the culture and more general information about what Shambhala Buddhism has to offer.  Feel free to make connection with them at the centers or to ask for initial instruction, contact Sarah Chandler at to make an appointment.

In Portland

Karen Monahan|
Karen Simpson|
Michael Monsell|
Tim Fuller|
Keely Anderson|
Barbara Egan|

In Brunswick

Brenda Kelleher|
Jess Maurer|
Brenda Thompson|
Joan Carney |
Anne Heberger-Marino |

In Kittery/Portsmouth

Liz Korabek-Emerson|

In Rockland

Rachel Nixon|