Center Leaders

Shambhala is a mandala (a web of relationships) continually evolving around the core principle of basic goodness and the path of individual and social enlightenment. All parts of the mandala are completely interdependent, inseparable from the center of the mandala and from each other.

The organizational structure of the mandala, includes the Three Pillars of Shambhala: Government, Practice and Education, and Dorje Kasung (Protection). The three pillars are represented at many Shambhala Centers. Several important societal functions, such as Societal Health and Well-Being, Culture and Decorum, the Arts, and the Treasury, are incorporated in the three pillars framework.

Shambhala governance is based on realizing the inseparability of the secular and the sacred. This means that Shambhala governance simultaneously embodies the essence of the Shambhala Buddhist teachings, supports the unfolding of those teachings, and is itself a teaching, a practice, and a path.

All Brunswick Portland Shambhala Meditation Center members are welcome to participate in Shambhala governance through the Brunswick Portland Shambhala Council.

We encourage you to share your inspiration, questions, suggestions, concerns, or other thoughts with any of the Brunswick Portland Shambhala Center’s leaders, face to face or otherwise. Email contacts are listed below.

Governing Council

Interim Center Director- Kathy Meade

                 email: [email protected]       

Practice & Education- Karen Monahan, Kathy Bither, Sarah Chandler

                email: [email protected]

Finance Officer- Peggy Christian

               email: [email protected]

Societal Health & Wellbeing- Frank Sanfilippo

Membership- Kathy Meade

Brunswick Center Coordinator- Judi Soule

Communications Coordinator- Joan Carney

                email: [email protected]