Shambhala Quantum Mechanics? Nah. . .

I am trained as a scientist of sorts. I have studied biologic systems, statistics, disease states and the like. I enjoy it. With enough effort things can usually be reasoned out and make sense. Then there is Buddhism! A certain sense of exploration to be sure but let’s face it, not quite the same. Chogyam Trungpa has written on Shambhala art, horseback riding, flower arranging, photography, calligraphy, movie making and more. Try as I might I can’t find any Shambhala Quantum Mechanics, or lungta string theory. It’s difficult for me to remember that most of the teachings are meant to point the way only. What seem to begin as logical arguments aren’t usually meant to stand up to the rigors of true Boolean logic but rather to illuminate a point that can’t be put into words. My mind latches on to anything that starts to seem like a logical explanation and then start to carry the logic to it’s conclusion to see if it holds up. It’s frustrating for me to realize that this isn’t the point. However I firmly believe that giving up my scientific approach completely would be a mistake. One of the most endearing tenets of Buddhism to me is the instruction to question everything. Not to blindly believe or follow based on a perceived authority. It’s never quite clear where to draw the line. For some years now I have followed this rule; when such things start to seem frustrating I put it all down and meditate. Straight shamatha. I don’t dismiss my frustrations or see them as something to avoid. I just put them down and feel free to come back to the frustrating principles later. Has it worked? Near as I can tell I haven’t yet become enlightened but I’m still working on finding a blood test to determine when that happens. I hope to start human trials soon. I’ll keep you posted.

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