Dharma Night: Exploring Truth+ Justice+ Power

July 17th—October 16th

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    Room: Portland
    "Dharma Night: Exploring Truth+ Justice+ Power"
    hosted by Portland Shambhala Center
    Every 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the Month

    OCTOBER 16th TOPIC: "Exploring Racial Justice & The Path of Liberation"

    From Jake: "It’s been an interesting journey finding myself in the world of patriarchal white supremacy, labels of institutional power that I wear on my face. Yet why do I suffer from low self-esteem, anxiety, and fear of the spotlight when this country has been supposedly set up for me? And what gives me even the right to take up space talking about these things when there is so much pain of injustice that I cannot possibly understand? Through dialogue I will attempt to navigate this difficult dynamic, giving voice to my struggles of self-discovery in relation to the path of liberation through spirituality."

    Jake Fahey is an interfaith minister and chaplain dedicated to a life of furthering his spiritual understanding and acting towards racial justice. He believes that inner wisdom and truth comes from life experience, and through meditation and prayer, he is able to learn from life’s teachings, and live in harmony with Divine will. Jake plans to continue to devote his life to inner guidance, and serving for equity and peace.

    (Please Note: Doors open at 6:15pm and lock at 7:00pm)
    Located in Woodfords Church @ 202 Woodford Street, 2nd Floor in Portland
    The intention of this event is to bring community together to engage in the practice of sitting meditation, to explore issues of identity, culture, and spirituality, and to address personal and systemic harm and injustice, both in our spiritual communities and in society at large.

    The hope is to host speakers representing varied identities, cultures, or communities, invited to speak on their personal experience of identity, of inequity or injustice, and of practices of spirituality, liberation, or empowerment. The essential questions for speakers will be: Who am I? What is my personal truth? What is my spiritual, universal, or higher truth? And how does society either support or deny these truths?

    Possible topics will include:
    Identity + Culture + Meditation + Buddhadharma + Religion + Spirituality + Gender + Race + Sexuality + Class + Age + Work + Wealth + Relationships + Family + Politics + Economics + Health + Arts + Well-Being + Privilege + Access + Power + Society

    6:30pm Meditation Instruction & Sitting
    7:10pm Guest Speaker(s), Discussion, Q&A
    8:10pm Tea & Socializing

    All are welcome. We are a community committed to realizing inclusive and just spaces with respect to gender, race, sexuality, ability, class, age, religion, education, and other forms of identity and culture.

    All experience levels are welcome. Instruction on the Buddhist practice of shamatha meditation will be offered at the start of each meeting.

    If you are interested in speaking at an upcoming gathering, please contact Roland Mendiola at [email protected].