A Look at Sexual Violence, Its Causes, and How We Can Effect Cultural Change- in Brunswick

May 15th

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    Room: Brunswick


    On Wednesday, May 15 we will host Caitlin Kelty-Huber, the Education Program Coordinator for SASSMM (Sexual Assault Support Services of Midcoast Maine), in the Brunswick Center. 

    You can read more about SASSMM at: https://www.sassmm.org

    Some topics discussed at their education programs include:

    • Dispeling myths about sexual violence
    • Promoting support for persons who have been sexually assaulted and/or abused
    • Increasing community awareness of services for persons who have been sexually assaulted, and for their family members and concerned others
    • ‚ÄčIncrease community awareness of sexual violence prevention through: programming focused on shifting the cultural norms and traditions regarding sexuality, gender, and violence, and helping create environments that promote respect, equality, civility, healthy relationships, and healthy sexuality

    Caitlin will offer her experience, as an educator and as a woman actively involved in healing the wounds caused by sexual harm, to help us understand the ways in which we can act to end the behaviors that cause these wounds. 

    This promises to be a special opportunity for all of us. 

    Please join us. 

    Donations are accepted with appreciation and will be passed on to SASSMM.