Opening the Heart Sutra - in Brunswick

with Shastri Christopher St. John & Eunice St. John

March 6th—April 10th

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  • $60.00 Sustaining
  • $75.00 Patron
Room: Brunswick

Opening the Heart Sutra

Six week class, Brunswick Shambhala, Wednesdays 6:30pm March 5-April 10, 2019

This six week class will be based on close reading of the Heart Sutra and commentaries by
Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche from Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism and the Profound
Treasury of the Ocean of Dharma Vol II, The Bodhisattva Path.

The sutra and these commentaries summarize the Mahayana teachings on practical ways to open our hearts to our
wounded world.

Class readings will be posted and all are welcome to “drop in” to any class they
are able to attend.

Some prior experience of meditation will be helpful but not required.