Cheerful New Year

While this is not the Tibetan New Year, it is hard to live here in Maine and not be reminded that this is the last day of 2013. This always feels like a natural time to reflect and as I age I become increasingly trustful of what feels natural.  Call this drala perhaps, a connection with the world as it is and an appreciation of just how wonderful it is. . . . just as it is. This is a time that calls out for reflection. How am I doing? What were my aspirations for 2013 and how did I do? What worked and what didn’t. Am I becoming the person I need to become?  Have I been of benefit to my fellow travelers, and this year in particular, have I been helpful in achieving enlightened society? Will I have the courage to abandon negative habitual tendencies and will I identify and embrace skillful means? Can I forgive myself for all the years of falling short of my aspirations? Can I gently acknowledge the similar difficulties in others and notice how this connects us? On the Buddhist path every instant is a new beginning and this is a time to remind myself of that. With all the problems we face on our planet earth right now I can’t help but feel hopeful as I enter 2014. The Sakyong’s vision of enlightened society somehow seems achievable to me and I want to be a part of it. With that final thought I wish all my fellow sentient beings a peaceful, reflective New Years day.

Ki Ki, So So !!

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