Retreat Weekend: Sunday


Sitting Sign:  Tape the sign on the front door stating there is a training session in progress and there will not be open sitting today.  There is a sign kept in the kitchen.

Check in with Director: Is a Participant absent?  Ask if you should call them. Are there any program changes?

Discussion Groups: Announce the logistic of the discussion groups. Who goes where etc.  Depending on the size of the group the following spaces can be used: Director’s suite, shrine room, reception area and Icon gallery, if prior arrangements have been made with landlord.

At Lunch: 

The Timer to announce lunch with two gongs and the coordinator announces lunch details (options), what time sitting resumes (typically there is a 90 minute break) and details about listening to recording of talks. If appropriate, make sure someone is accompanying Director to lunch. See Procedures: Protector Principle

No tea break on Sunday :Check with Director.

Concluding announcements:  Make the following announcements from the front of the room:

  • Thank participants, Director, Assistant Directors and staff and invite everyone to the Reception.
  • Announce dates of next Shambhala Level, special Center events.


Reception should be set up and ready immediately following final talk, announcements and feedback survey.