Meal Guidelines

MEAL GUIDELINES (be sure to include all staff):


Breakfast (includes both days) – suggested budget: $4.00/person

Catered Lunch– suggested Budget: $8-10.00/person

Tea– suggested budget: $2.00/person

Reception– suggested budget: $5.00/person


Please consider the following when making food choices:

  • Breakfast preferences have been changing: Hard boiled eggs or home made quiche/frittata always a good thing, yogurt//frozen fruit/ granola well received. Artisan bread/butter/cream cheese/ nice jam seems to be preferred over heavy bagels (we always seem to have a lot of bagels left over).
  • Include an offering of both vegetarian and meat choices.
  • Be mindful of dietary restrictions. (Ask both participants and staff prior to event and plan accordingly). Gluten Free. Dairy Free. Nut Free. are the most common concerns.
  • Finger foods are best for tea. Offerings should include both savory and sweet.
  • Reception- Offerings should include both savory and sweet and should include some dishes that accommodate those with dietary restrictions.
  • Foods served at room temperature are easiest.
  • Drippy foods make clean-up more difficult.
  • Presentation is as important as the food chosen. Use serving platters and bowls when possible.
  • Tablecloths and serving dishes are under long counter.
  • Serving utensils are found in drawer of tea station.
  • Dishes and flatware are found in upper cabinets of kitchen.