Meditation hall:

  • one small vertical arrangement on the table next to the Director’s seat
  • two larger arrangements on the corners of the shrine platforms.
  • one medium sized arrangement on the Teacher’s table in the shrine room.

Reception area:

  • one arrangement or vase of flowers on the side table
  • one small vase arrangement on the coffee table.

Director’s suite:

  • one arrangement either on the coffee table or side table.

Top of Stairs:

  • one large arrangement.


  • If there is more than one assistant director, there needs to be an additional small arrangement for their interview space.
  • If there is time, a small arrangement in each of the bathrooms.


The suggested budget it $40-$50. 

Flowers should be seasonally appropriate and where possible augment purchased flowers with cut greenery collected from gardens or local woods. Try to avoid dried flowers where possible.

Ikebana containers, kenzans and vases are available in the loft along with placemats (or dai) for underneath arrangements. If you bring your own containers for use please be sure to label them with your name.

Please do not put flower foam into kenzans (pincushions used to hold flowers for ikebana). When removing arrangements please take the time to clean out any debris left in the kenzans.