AUDIO- 3 parts to this role:

  • Amplify
  • Record
  • Playback for anyone who missed a talk




  • Vertical Modem always remains on.
  • Two horizontal modems are turned on for amplifying and recording purposes when the two mics are used.


  • Batteries for lapel mic and handheld are stored in plastic box under audio system. Batteries are removed from the two mics when not in use for long periods of time.

Sound system:

  • System switch is found on lower left hand side.
  • Once Director has lapel mic attached and turned on- the volume dials on the audio system are turned up to white marks on system.


  • Mini recorder is plugged into the system at an open jack and the volume is managed on that jack as well as the incoming volume dial. Turn mini recorder on and then hit record for the talks.


  • Should a participant miss a talk set up arrangements for playback the following day at lunch.
  • There is a set of mini speakers to use with the mini recorder for this purpose.