Week One Advance Planning


Contact Director, Reception Coordinator, Ikebana Arranger, and Staff:

Ask if everything is in place or if there is anything you can do to help them.  Assign staff responsibilities.

You can send them the list of responsibilities and ask them to sign up.

Shambhala Training Slogans

These are framed, and stored in the balcony.

Check ahead of time to ensure they are still there.

Levels 1-4 have slogans and there is one of each in each of the 3 frames found in the balcony library.

A list of the slogans for Levels I-IV is included in this manual in the logistic section.

Director Meals:

Determine in advance which ADs/staff will be assigned to take the Director to meals: Friday dinner, Saturday lunch, Saturday dinner, and Sunday Lunch.

Ask an AD to arrange Friday night dinner and invite other ADs

Director Honorarium:

Ask Treasurer Anne Heberger-Marino for the honorarium and travel reimbursement checks, in advance.

The honorarium is typically one full participant’s fee OR in case of Shastris, two full fees ($300).

Travel is reimbursed at the IRS rate times the round trip miles from the director‘s home to the center.

Also purchase a nice Thank You/Greeting card and write a thank you to the Director.

The separate honorarium and travel reimbursement checks are put in the signed card and then is given to the Director at some point on Sunday Afternoon prior to the reception.

* Acharyas honorarium is $1000/weekend; $300 a single evening talk.

Director’s Suite:

Assign an Assistant Director (or Warrior Assembly Graduate) to set up the Director’s suite for the Shambhala weekend (there’s ceremonial/protocol for setting the suite with brush, ink, paper, juniper, charcoal, matches and lhasang burner etc.)


Announce to staff before the weekend the DEADLINE to submit receipts to the Coordinator should be Sunday morning.

Notice to Participants: Send an email to all participants a few days before the weekend begins.

Include the following:

  • Participant Schedule for the weekend,
  • Information regarding participant meals during the weekends (whether it’s catered or informing them they are “on their own” and letting them know of local dining locations),
  • Parking Instructions/Information,
  • Remind them to wear comfortable clothing for meditation and bring extra layers in winter or layers to remove in warm weather.
  • To let us know if they have any dietary restrictions or other special needs,
  • give them instructions regarding: Scheduled Registration time(s),
  • Remind participants payment of balance is required at registration,
  • Make checks payable to: SHAMBHALA MEDITATION CENTER


Logic Statements:

Send the appropriate Logic Statements and Slogans to the staff prior to the weekend so they are reminded what the teachings will be for the weekend.*

* Please email Joan Carney at [email protected] and she will send you a link to the page on the website that will contain the Logic Statements for the Level you are coordinating.

Sangha Notice:

Send note to remind newsletter editor (Joan Carney)  to include in weekly notice that Sunday sitting will be cancelled the weekend of the event.  This will then be included in the weekly newsletter.

Opening talk for Level I is open to everyone. For all other levels the Friday night talk is only open to those that meet the prerequisites for the level.   The reception is only open to those that have completed the weekend’s level.


Make sure you have home and cell phone numbers for all staff and key center people ( see contact page in this manual). Make sure you and breakfast setup person have keys to the building.