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Learn to Meditate

Whether you are completely new to meditation and want to learn the basics or an advanced practitioner looking to deepen your practice, a personal meditation instructor is the ideal (perhaps only) way to accomplish this.  We offer free individual meditation instruction. Check out our list of meditation instructors.

If you have any questions or comments about meditation or Shambhala, contact us here.



Spark your heart and mind

through the practice of meditation.



Shambhala Vision is rooted in the principle that every human being has a fundamental nature of basic goodness. This nature can be developed in daily life so that it radiates out to family, friends, community and society.



Featured Programs

Learn to Meditate- Group Meditation Instruction in Brunswick

with Shastri Christopher St John

August 7th—December 1st

An ideal way to bring the simple yet profound and powerful practice if meditation into your life. Continue »

Shastri Hours by Appointment in Brunswick

with Shastri Christopher St John

August 7th—December 1st

Shastri Christopher St John offers meditation interviews by appointment (or drop-in) on the first Sunday morning of each month. Continue »

Shastri Hours by Appointment in Portland

with Shastri Christopher St John

September 8th—December 8th

Shastri Christopher St John offers meditation interviews by appointment (or drop-in)on second Thursday Evening of each month. Continue »

Thursday Dharma Gatherings: Welcome, Sit, Study, Engage. in Portland

with Shastri Christopher St John

September 8th—December 8th

Monthly Second Thursday Evening Dharma Talks. Continue »

Making Friends With Yourself in Brunswick

with Kathy Bither & Eunice St John

September 13th—October 18th

In Brunswick -.MAKING FRIENDS WITH YOURSELF- THROUGH MEDITATION AND EVERYDAY AWARENESS. The rewards of mindfulness practice are well proven: reduced stress, improved concentration, & an overall sense of well-being. But those benefits are just the beginni Continue »

Fearlessness in Everyday Life in Portland

with Shastri Angela Lutzenberger

September 13th—October 11th

IN PORTLAND> Through an exploration of the Buddhist teachings of emptiness and clear seeing, the meditation opens to the groundlessness, uncertainty and creativity of the world as it is. Continue »

Basic Goodness 3: What is Real? The Basic Goodness of Reality in Brunswick

with Shastri Christopher St John

September 14th—October 19th

We awaken to the innate capacity we all possess to explore and directly experience the essence of reality, the essence of basic goodness. Continue »

Pema Study Group in Brunswick

September 19th—December 19th

"37 Practices of a Bodhisattva" using Book: Reflections on Silver River and various videos from Pema. Continue »

Meek and Perky Weekend Retreat in Brunswick

with William Barry

September 30th—October 2nd

Sacred Path-Meek and Perky. Continue »

Awakened Heart: Shambhala Training Level IV- Brunswick

with Shastri Ellen Rook

October 7th—October 9th

Extending ourselves to others fully and with kindness. Trusting further in basic goodness and daring to experience the sharp edge of reality, we move forward with gentleness , increased awareness and inquisitiveness about the world, as it i Continue »

New to Shambhala?

Shambhala is an international community of urban meditation and rural retreat centers founded by the Vidyadhara Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, and now led by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. Learn about our vision, lineage & community. More →

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Ongoing Offerings

Our center offers a rich array of ongoing offerings free to the public including weekly public sitting meditation hours and dharma talks. No prior meditation experience required to attend.  All are welcome. More →

Recent News

  • September 15 header

    This Week in Shambhala: September 15, 2016

    “ The world is fresh and full of warmth and love, and humanity is gifted at experiencing it.” ~Sakyong Mipham Welcome to Maine Shambhala Meditation Centers. Our Fall Season Schedule is up online. We invite you to check out our classes and retreats in Brunswick, Portland and Rockland. Our website offers a lot of information … Continue