We’ve come a long way . . .

I have received no guest posts so I once again step onto my soapbox.  I recently found myself thinking back upon my own Shambhala journey.  I came to the center in Brunswick simply looking for a place to meditate with like-minded people. I had never heard of Shambhala. I took one class and then another. I read “Meditation in Action” and remember asking someone at the center if they ever heard of this author, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. I remember telling this Shambhalian that this author had some very important things to say.  That was years ago and over those years much has happened at our center. There was a time when we didn’t offer all the Shambhala levels, let alone the entire Sacred Path.  Our most recent development, a Weekthun was recently accomplished in Brunswick. Those familiar with the story of Dawa Sangpo and the Kingdom of Shambhala will understand just how important these developments are.  The king wanted to follow the path described by the Buddha but as king he could not leave his worldly obligations to become a monk.  There were too many people in his kingdom that relied on his leadership.  The Buddha was (of course) sympathetic and gave to Dawa Sangpo the Shambhala teachings.  Just as the king, many of us have worldly responsibilities that don’t allow us to travel and take extended time off.  It’s for this reason that these developments at our center are, in my opinion, so important.  Take some time to look at the various upcoming offerings.  If it seems overwhelming, contact us.

Again. . . . a call for guest bloggers.  Until then I remain Yours in The Great Eastern Sun. .



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  1. Hi Neil, Thanks for your devotion to keeping us connected. To add to the blog I offer the following: So while we watch the wonder of this noteworthy storm wind down, may you all make your offerings to the mamos at home, safe and secure in the knowledge that we will do likewise, though actually we are plowed out, and expect the center will be by 9am Sunday, so join us sitting and cleaning on the neutral day. Also while you are at your computers, consider welcoming the New year with a gift to Shambhala central mandala servuices to keep the streams of teacihng coming our wayhttp://www.shambhala.org/giving/:

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