This Week in Shambhala: February 11, 2016


Community is part of our practice.

Join us in the exploration & practice of community.

When we are gentle with ourselves, we are naturally gentle with others. ~
Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche


Dear Meditation Practitioners,

Many of you have already participated, but we are writing everyone to invite you into a process of shared visioning about the space needs of Portland and Brunswick. Included in this email is a survey to gather our collective thoughts on this topic. We hope you will think outside of the box and beyond your own specific needs to consider what best aligns with the vision of Shambhala in our communities. Please know this is only ONE way, and a vital way we will be gathering ideas to inform the process of establishing space for our Sangha.

The Portland Community is presently at a crossroads which has catalyzed the exploration for space options for our shared Sangha community. In many ways this provides the opportunity for us to discuss our space needs as a whole community now and for the future. Our intention with this process is to bring people together in conversations to determine what is best for our community and how we can further the vision of Shambhala.

Please contemplate these words from Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche as you consider your response:

“May the Shambhala Centres radiate kindness and inspiration. May they continue to expand, allowing a multitude of warriors to train.”

We hope that everyone will feel empowered to answer this survey creatively and passionately.

Fire Monkey Space Survey:



February 13th in Brunswick. Celebrate the Tibetan New Year.

Losar, the Tibetan New Year, is coming up on the new moon February 9th, ushering in a year of the Fire Monkey. Our community celebration will be taking place on February 13th at our Brunswick Center.
All are welcome. Program is free.

SCHEDULE (this event will be held at our Brunswick Center):
8:30am– Coffee and Convesation
9:00am– Shambhala Sadhana
10:00am– Brunch
11:00am– Sakyong’s New Year Address,
Community News, Oaths for New Council Members, New Members Recognition,
Unified Giving Discussion,
Distribution of Practice Calendars

FMI:Angela Lutzenberger at [email protected]

BIRTH OF THE WARRIOR: LEVEL II with Angela Lutzenberger- March 4th—March 6th

In Brunswick. Looking directly at our habitual patterns of thought, emotions and gestures, we can arouse fearlessness and make more direct contact with basic goodness. Prerequisite: The Art of Being Human Continue »


Are you interested in service as practice and contributing to community?
These are a few of the currently open volunteer positions:
-Adminstrative Assistant
-Publicity Coordinator
See our Volunteer page for more opportunities.

Please contact Kathy Bither if you are interested in learning more about one of these positions. [email protected]. Thank you.


Thursday, February 11

7:00 PM Thursday night ‘Just Sit’ in Brunswick

Umdze: Patti King

7:00 PM Dharma Drop-In- Thursday Evenings in Portland

Friday, February 12

7:00 PM Friday Night ‘Just Sit’ in Portland

Umdze: Dan Rosenbeck

Saturday, February 13


Sunday, February 14

9:00 AM Sunday Meditation. in Brunswick

Umdze: James Prentice

9:00 AM Sunday Meditation. in Portland

Umdze: Weade Clarke

Monday, February 15

6:30 PM Heart of Recovery. in Portland

Tuesday, February 16


Wednesday, February 17

6:30 PM PEMA CHODRON:The Freedom to Choose Something Different in Brunswick
7:00 PM Wednesday Night ‘Just Sit’ in Portland 

Umdze: Kudra MacCaillech

Thursday, February 18

7:00 PM Dharma Drop-In- Thursday Evenings in Portland

Video and Discussion on Deception

7:00 PM Thursday night ‘Just Sit’ in Brunswick

Umdze: Kathy Meade

Friday, February 19

7:00 PM Friday Night ‘Just Sit’ in Portland

Umdze: Dan Rosenbeck

Saturday, February 20

no activities

Sunday, February 21

9:00 AM Sunday Meditation. in Portland

Umdze: Caroline Wagner

9:00 AM Sunday Meditation. in Brunswick

Umdze: Brenda Kelleher



Heart of Recovery- Monday Evenings 6:30-7:30pm in Portland 
The Heart of Recovery is an on-going, weekly meeting for people grappling with strong addictions of any kind – be they substances such as drugs and alcohol or harmful, habitual patterns.

Dharma Drop-in, Thursday 7pm-8:30pm

Thursday night dharma drop in, is thrilled to be hosting a fantastic series of teachings by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche.  These teachings will take the form of short videos followed by contemplations, discussion and meditation!!!

Thursday’s 7-8:30 in Portland. As alway your welcome to drop in anytime for as long or short as you would like! Hope to see you!

Please feel free to email Keely Anderson with questions [email protected]

The series is called :
Skillful means and wisdom on the Buddhist path.
By the Vidyadhara, the Venerable Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche

This is the schedule we will be following :)!
2/11 Deception
2/18 Skillful Means Comes from the Echo
2/25 Renunciation (The Vomit Talk)
3/3 Sitting Meditation (No discussion, this baby is for real)
3/10 Meditation in Action
3/17 Introduction to Mahayana Vision
3/24 Transplanting Bodhicitta (Ice Cubes Talk
3/31 “Far-Gone” Practices and Generosity
4/7 Discipline and Patience
4/14 Exertion and Meditation
4/21 Prajna
4/28 Vajra-Like Samadhi

All are welcome.
Donations appreciated.


PEMA CHODRON:The Freedom to Choose Something Different – with Christopher St John- January 13th—February 17th

In Brunswick.
Ever feel triggered and stuck in a reactive tailspin despite all your efforts? Continue »

MEDITATION IN EVERYDAY LIFE– with Karen Monahan & Erika Bjorum- January 19th—February 16th

In Portland.
This first class in the Way of Shambhala series is for new meditators and offers the opportunity to deepen their experience and understanding of meditation. Continue »

Pacifying the Turmoil of the Mamos- in Brunswick

January 29th—February 7th

Mamo Chants Begin Friday, January 29. We will begin this year-end protector practice on January 29. These sessions are open to all practitioners. Continue »


In Brunswick. Full weekend of practice Continue »

SHAMBHALA DAY– February 13th

In Brunswick. Celebrate the Tibetan New Year. Continue »

MILAREPA DAY- February 21st

In Brunswick. Practice group chanting from the Rain of Wisdom, realizing songs of the Kagyu masters. All are welcome. Continue »

UNCONDITIONAL CONFIDENCE: RIGDEN WEEKEND with Acharya Eric Spiegel-February 26th—February 28th

In Brunswick. The Way of Shambhala I culminates in the Rigden Weekend. The contentment, joy, fearlessness, and wisdom of the Way of Shambhala culminate in unconditional confidence. Confidence that comes from genuineness and wakefulness instead of aggression Continue »

BIRTH OF THE WARRIOR: LEVEL II with Angela Lutzenberger- March 4th— 6th

In Brunswick. Looking directly at our habitual patterns of thought, emotions and gestures, we can arouse fearlessness and make more direct contact with basic goodness. Prerequisite: The Art of Being Human Continue »

CONTENTMENT IN EVERYDAY LIFE with Sarah Chandler -March 8th—April 5th

In Portland. Through meditation practice, we learn to appreciate ourselves and meet life’s challenges with gentleness and bravery. Continue »

WHO AM I? THE BASIC GOODNESS OF BEING HUMAN with Christopher St John & Eunice St John- March 9th—April 13th

In Brunswick. Who am I?… How can I help?… What is real?… These questions are universal. They have arisen in some form across cultures and traditions throughout human history. Continue »


In Brunswick Celebration of Arts and the Spring Equinox. Continue »

Upcoming Regional Programs of Interest:

The Power of Kindness –April 15 – 17

with Christine Sloan
Join us for an exploration of the power of kindness and how we can cultivate a culture of kindness. We will practice deep listening and tell our stories, and have time for reflection, dialogue, and sitting meditation. Learn More:

Shambhala Guide Training*- April 21 – 24

with Shastri Bill Brauer
This training is for students who have a strong personal practice and feel ready to help others on their meditative journeys. Speak with your meditation instructor and then Learn More:

Art of Hosting: Social Practices for Enlightened Society –March 18 – 20

with Marguerite Drescher and Gabrielle Donnelly
The Art of Hosting is a global learning community drawing on a range of leading-edge facilitation, community engagement and change practices. Speak with your Meditation instructor and then Learn more

Shambhala Path Meditation Instructor Training* –March 18 – 20

with Shastri Henry Chapin
For those ready to embark on the path of teaching by learning to be a Shambhala Path Meditation Instructor. If youa re already a guide, speak with your meditation instructor and then Learn more about the program here.
“The principles of Shambhala Training are based on sanity and reality, as well as the gentleness of the Buddhist tradition. However, the Shambhala tradition has its own basis, its own footing. That basis is ourselves individually cultivating who we are, what we are, as human beings. That’s the first key idea: you shouldn’t be afraid of who you are.”–Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche 

The Spring 2016 Schedule can now be found on the website at: PROGRAMS OR donwnloaded here:

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