Shambhala Day message from Jane Arthur

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Sometimes, it’s best to start with a painful truth. The story that we tell ourselves about Shambhala’s organizational and management capacity is tinged with poverty, disorganization, and doubt about our institutional competence.
I firmly believe it is time to tackle that story head on. Let’s let the truth that it holds really sink in, and then let go of what is just baggage. Because that story does not come close to describing the full reality that I see.
We are a complex, multi-national, multi-generational, entrepreneurial, dynamic, and fascinating social movement, active in well over 200 towns and cities across the world. We are holding the completely precious jewel of the Shambhala dharma in our hands and in our hearts, and its brilliance inspires us to do more, to be more. It is calling on us to step into our power and walk forward with confidence in who we are and what we are capable of achieving
At this time, my deepest aspiration for Shambhala is that we rewrite the stories we tell ourselves. We are all training to have our minds changed, so let’s do that. As we know, social transformation walks hand in hand with personal transformation. If we can glimpse the transformation that is actually happening as we practice and work in the world, and tell that story, then people will catch our energy and lungta and we can do anything. I don’t have any doubt about that whatsoever.
I’ve done many things in my life, and for me nothing comes close to the transformative depth of these practices, or the satisfaction of sharing this magic with others and offering it to the world. I so look forward to continuing to walk this path with all of you.
May basic goodness dawn!

Jane Arthur
Pillar of Governance