Shambhala Day message from Acharya Adam Lobel

Shambhala Day 2016 logo

Being rooted in the Shambhala lineage gives me unshakable confidence that good human society can unfold on this planet. Every time I show up with other warriors and feel your dynamism, your inspiration, and your vision, I am reoriented toward the possibility of a powerful and good human future.

And we need every bit of that unshakable confidence. The challenges we face can seem truly insurmountable. How can we break free of the patterns and paradigms of materialism that are so deeply embedded in our own minds and in the very structures of our society? How can we fearlessly establish a social and ecological manifestation that isn’t just subtly recreating the same patterns with different packaging? For me, these are the exciting, frightening, and revolutionary questions that are at the learning edge of our collective path forward.

This story of Shambhala is just getting started. None of us really know how this will turn out. None of us really know how we will stretch from our current manifestation as a relatively small spiritual community into co-creating a multifaceted social, political, economic, and artistic vision of the future of human society on this earth. It’s certainly an ambitious task we are setting for ourselves; we may need to abandon any hope of fruition! And yet, anything less would fall short of what is being asked of us as warriors in these times. We really do need to dream big, and bring our whole, good, humanity fully into this challenge.

And I do know one thing at least: the core of Shambhala is the living human heart. In some ways it is as simple as that. Rousing the powerful, passionate, compassionate human heart is both the journey and also the goal of our work to manifest enlightened society. This is the delight of a prefigurative spiritual-social movement. Every time we catch a glimpse of confidence, Shambhala is showing up. Every time we open our hearts a little more, Shambhala is showing up. This is the seed of everything we might possibly unleash together.

I am so curious to discover how the story of humanity unfolds, and I believe that we are holding in our hearts a very important piece of the puzzle. It’s really up to us how we offer this, how we open ourselves to this world, how we move forward and write this story together.

With fearless inspiration, and wishing you love and lungta for Shambhala Day,


Adam Lobel
Pillar of Practice and Education