Brunswick Portland Shambhala Meditation Center offers numerous programs and events. You will find links here.

For the beginner, the number and types of offerings may sometimes seem confusing, even intimidating.  You’ll notice however that each program/event has an e-mail address attached.  Just click that to inquire as to whether this particular offering is right for you.

Personal meditation instruction is always available and if you are new to the center it is often possible to meet with an instructor prior to the program you will be attending. Just ask.

We also have a Generosity Policy.



Contemplative Arts & Disciplines

Awakening Your Wisdom Energies: The Practice of Maitri Space Awareness- in Brunswick

with Shastri Myra Woodruff

September 6th—September 8th

The Wisdom Energies Practice is a vehicle for self-discovery and a ground for working with others; it is for anyone who desires to live their life more fully and have skillful ways in relating with others. Continue »

Shambhala Art Part 1- in Portland

with Ellen Rook

October 26th

What is Shambhala Art? Exploring the Art of Nonagression Continue »

Shambhala Art- Part II in Portland

with Ellen Rook

October 27th

Seeing Things as They Are looks more closely at the process of perception and how our thinking influences our perceptions. Continue »

Kado- The Way of Flowers in Brunswick

with Anjie Cho

November 8th—November 10th

Kado is a contemplative/meditative art, revealing the relationship between nature, space and human awareness or unawareness of both, and simultaneously the inner relationship between our true nature or our ignorance of it. Continue »