Teachings of the Buddha- Online

with Shastri Christopher St. John & Eunice St. John

April 15th—May 13th

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  • $60.00 Sustaining
  • $75.00 Patron
Room: Brunswick

Together we will explore the fundamentals and deepen our understanding of the foundational teachings of Buddha.

Topics discussed on this exploratory journey will include:

Why is shamatha vipashyana meditation practice central to the teachings?

Why is sangha/community one of the three jewels?

What's with all the numbers? Is there a logic in the order?

  • 3 lords of materialism 
  • 4 noble truths
  • 5 skandas
  • 6 realms
  • the eightfold path
  • 3 jewels

What did Buddha mean when he taught about impermanence, emptiness, and ego?

Learn more about Buddhist discipline and its relationship to relaxing and settling in. 

And what does all of it have to do with the human condition we call LIFE?

This class is for beginners to meditation, Buddhism, and Shambhala; as well as those that have some experience and are looking for an opportunity to come back to square one.  These fundamental teachings continue to open up as we continue on our journey.