Kado- The Way of Flowers in Brunswick

with Anjie Cho

November 8th—November 10th

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  • $175.00 Sustaining
  • $190.00 Patron
Room: Brunswick

Early registration is recommended as space is limited. 

Kado is a contemplative/meditative art, revealing the relationship between nature, space and human awareness or unawareness of both, and simultaneously the inner relationship between our true nature or our ignorance of it.

The vibrant and daring beauty of flowers wakes up the environment and compels us to see what is really before us and inside us. We will learn how the principles of Heaven, Earth, and Humanity, which is the natural unfolding of all life, are expressed in nature and in our daily lives.

“Kado” is a Chinese word meaning “The Way of Flowers." This practice began in China more than 2,300 years ago. When it was introduced and assimilated to Japan, the Japanese word “Ikebana” was born, meaning “living or natural flowers."

Using classical Ikebana forms, Kado teaches us to see clearly the wisdom in nature, in ourselves and in others. The ultimate goal of the Kado is not to make pleasant flower arrangements, but to cultivate an appreciation of every moment, work with obstacles, and develop respect for oneself, for others and for all life forms.

The materials fee ( $25.00- $35.00)  for the weekend is included in the program fee.

Deposit: Due to limited space and cost of materials, there is a $50 deposit to reserve a place for the weekend. Please note that your space in the program is not guaranteed without this deposit and is only refundable if you cancel prior to October 25th , minus the materials fee.


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