Tonglen: A Transformational Practice for Our Times - in Portland

with Cathleen Miller & Karen Monahan

February 16th—March 23rd

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Room: Portland


Tonglen: A Transformational Practice for Our Times
February 16-March 23
202 Woodford St., Portland
Saturdays 10 am to noon

We see pain all around us—in our personal relationships, in the public sphere, and in the suffering of other species and the Earth. When we notice these pains, or when we feel them in our own hearts, Tonglen provides a vehicle for working with the emotions that arise. The practice of Tonglen offers an opportunity for us to engage with our deepest compassion, and encourages us to use our practice to transmute suffering into connection with others. When we face unwanted and painful aspects of experience, we overcome fear and develop greater empathy for others.

Using Pema Chödrön’s book Tonglen: The Path of Transformation, we will explore Tonglen on the cushion, in conversation with one another, and engage with it in our daily lives. We will discuss how we can use this practice in our own lives and engage in dialogue about challenges that face us as we practice. Those interested in signing up for this course should have an established meditation practice to help ground them in the practice of Tonglen.

Preregistration is strongly encouraged.

For more information, contact Karen Monahan at [email protected]

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