HARVEST OF PEACE- in Brunswick

September 23rd (2017)

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    Room: Brunswick



    You and your family are cheerfully invited to the

    Harvest of Peace 2017 Celebration

    at the Brunswick Shambhala Center on Saturday, September 23, 2017 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

    Please come for any or all of the festivities.


    Schedule for the Day

    9:00 am – Tea and Coffee

    9:30-10:30 am – Shambhala Sadhana

    10:30-11:00 am –Harvest of Peace Address by the Sakyong Wangmo

    11:00-11:45 am – Harvesting Generosity – an Interactive Session

    Noon-1:00 pm – Potluck Lunch – Please click here to let Brenda Thompson know what you will be bringing to share.


    Harvest of Peace, is one of four annual Nyida Day celebrations in Shambhala culture. Each of these seasonal holidays marks the changing of the seasons. Nyida Day is connected with the natural world and the seasons (Nyi = sun and Da = moon). This special day marks the spirit of generosity and sharing the bounty of the seasons together as a society. It is an opportunity for local communities to gather, hear teachings, enjoy good food and drink, appreciate one another, and celebrate the richness of our local cultures and heritage.


    The Sakyong Wangmo will offer the Harvest of Peace address this year for the first time! As Harvest of Peace draws nearer, we are reminded of the Sakyong’s teachings in recent years on the importance of building community through food, conversation, and meditation. Harvest of Peace is also an important and appropriate time in the yearly cycle to celebrate generosity and our growth, and to focus on supporting the incredible work of our Center - the core of which is helping to transform fear and aggression into wisdom and compassion. This is one of two times during the year (Shambhala Day is the other) for local fundraising, where we invite people to celebrate generosity by giving what they can and according to their inspiration.


    This year we are including a creative interactive session regarding opportunities for members to volunteer over the coming year. We are seeking members who would like to form two small leadership groups to coordinate the health and well being of the Portland and Brunswick locations. We will also share a plan for a sangha-wide effort to keep the facilities clean and elegant, and explore other volunteer possibilities. Generosity is a rich tapestry of heart opening practice!


    We send you every best wish for a wonderful Harvest of Peace filled with the spirit of generosity, bounty, and richness, and look forward to celebrating with you soon!