July 1st (2017)

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    July 1

    Celebrating the seasons is an important part of maintaining our connection to the seasons and the natural world in Shambhala.

    Around the globe, Shambhalians celebrate four 'Nyida Days' around the solstices and equinoxes. Nyi (from Nyima, 'sun' in Tibetan) and Da (from Dawa, 'moon' in Tibetan), which "are meant to commemorate the ongoing dance of sun, moon and earth as reflected in the changing seasons solstices and equinoxes"

    By joining spiritual practice with the practicalities, challenges and joys of everyday urban life as well as the cycles of our environment, we forge a society that expresses the dignity of human experience.

    The Midsummer Gathering is an opportunity for families and friends in Shambhala to celebrate the advent of summer together.

    This year Brenda Thompson, our Director of Societal Health and Wellbeing, is hosting a good old-fashioned picnic in her backyard in Lisbon.

    Bring your frisbees and yard games, your hats and sunscreen, your dish to share, and anything else for a day of Community Celebration! 

    We will have badminton and croquet, chicken and burgers (veggie or beef) on the grill, and cold non-alcoholic beverages.

    The celebration begins at noon with a lhasang, followed by food, games, and festivities.

    ADDRESS: 59 Ferry Road Lisbon.

    Please register if you are thinking of stopping by. Bring a blanket, a frisbee/game/etc., and some food or beverage to share.

    FMI Contact Brenda Thompson at: [email protected]


    You can read more about why we celebrate  Midsummer Day Celebration here.