Happy New Year

2012 is soon to be a memory and 2013 is still in the future.  This is a perfect time to contemplate being in the present. Consider being in the present with friends at The Brunswick Center on New Years Eve. This is also a time to returned borrowed items, clean and unclutter your space and take stock of aspirations.

With regards to our new website I have only a few items.  First, many thanks to Rebekah Younger for donation of photographs to be used on the site.  While not an official title, I consider her our ‘Artist in Residence’. Many of you have studied with her in the Shambhala Arts Programs among others. We are still working on how this blog will be used.  Initially I was hoping to keep it as a forum for announcing changes and bugs in the new website but the transition has gone better than planned.  Until we figure out otherwise though feel free to email me if you have written a post you would like to see here in the blog.  If you are a Meditation Instructor take a look at the MI page. I would very much like to add a line or two to each of the MI postings there.  If there is something in particular you would like said about you here, let me know.

One of my aspirations for the upcoming year is to put together a manual for our Sangha’s Digital Life.  There has been a lot of trial and error on the website, distribution of recorded talks (don’t even get me started on that one), sound system, wireless internet etc.  I hope to have this all in a tidy online manual and make future transitions much smoother.

So, until it is appropriate to wish you all a Cheerful Shambhala Day, please accept my wishes for a Happy New Year. Don’t forget to dedicate your merit to the benefit of all sentient beings.


Neil  ( [email protected] )

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