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Hello Brunswick-Portland Shambhala Members,

So many exciting changes and opportunities in our community at this time!  As Acharya Lobel  has said the Sakyong is offering us a rain of blessings in his writings and teachings this year.  I hope you have all had the opportunity to get a copy of the Sakyong’s new book “The Shambhala Principle” to read and contemplate.  We will be having upcoming programs on the book to begin discussing and contemplating more deeply the vision of enlightened society.

On March 30th 2013 our governance structure changed from the Shambhala Council to a structure more aligned with the center of the mandala’s organization.  This involves a Governing Council which holds the larger Shambhala view to collaboratively set goals, objectives, policies and plans for the overall vision for the community.  The Governing Council then coordinates the activities of the Centers through the collective actions of the Executive Committee.
Kathy Bither

Center Director

Brunswick-Portland Shambhala Center


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