From Kit St.John

So while we watch the wonder of this noteworthy storm wind down, may you all make your offerings to the mamos at home, safe and secure in the knowledge that we will do likewise, though actually we are plowed out, and expect the center will be by 9am Sunday, so join us sitting and cleaning on the neutral day. Also while you are at your computers, consider welcoming the New year with a gift to Shambhala central mandala services to keep the streams of teaching coming our way

Thanks Kit! Also, don’t forget Shambhala Day Celebration Monday, Feb 11, starting with a Pot Luck dinner at 5:30 PM at The Brunswick Center



One thought on “From Kit St.John

  1. Just today and tomorrow enjoy Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche’s recent interview at ” When we use this term “basic goodness” it indicates some fundamental possibility. Life is possible. Situations are possible. And anybody can start to gain some kind of insight and appreciation of their lives. That’s what we call “sacred.” It doesn’t mean something dramatic, but something very simple. There’s a sacredness to everyone’s life. “

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