Living in The Relative World

Shambhala’s direction is becoming being made ever more apparent in The Sakyong’s writings. We are to connect with our basic goodness and be part of creating enlightened society.  The Sakyong’s most recent book, “The Shambhala Principle” is truly inspiring and after my second time through it I’m beginning to believe creating such a society is … Continue 

Shambhala Art & YouTube

Well I have been meaning to get to this for a long time and it is finally begun.  We have a YouTube channel, . I have a bias toward video and have been known to put together a video or two in the past using the dual-meaning “Breathe EZ Studios” moniker. Have even acted … Continue 

From our Director

Hello Brunswick-Portland Shambhala Members, So many exciting changes and opportunities in our community at this time!  As Acharya Lobel  has said the Sakyong is offering us a rain of blessings in his writings and teachings this year.  I hope you have all had the opportunity to get a copy of the Sakyong’s new book “The … Continue 

Meditation Instruction

Learning to meditate.  I can’t help but think that this amounts to learning how to sit down and not do anything.  Seriously, how hard is that? Well anyone who has ever tried to meditate knows all to well just how hard that is. We don’t just sit and do nothing of course we have to … Continue 

Running With The Mind of Confusion

My daughter lives in Boston. I remember several years ago she walked from her apartment to The Boston Shambhala Center to watch me take refuge. Since living in Boston she has watched the Boston Marathon every year . . . Marathon Monday.  It is apparently quite the event in Boston.  The big city has a … Continue 

Social Media and Spiritual Materialism

I was recently re-reading Chogyam Trungpa’s “Spiritual Materialism”.  He describes it as having a beautiful piece of art in the middle of a white room with a good light.  It’s beautiful and easy to appreciate.  You like it so much that having more works of art will of course be better and so you set … Continue 

From Kit St.John

So while we watch the wonder of this noteworthy storm wind down, may you all make your offerings to the mamos at home, safe and secure in the knowledge that we will do likewise, though actually we are plowed out, and expect the center will be by 9am Sunday, so join us sitting and cleaning … Continue 

We’ve come a long way . . .

I have received no guest posts so I once again step onto my soapbox.  I recently found myself thinking back upon my own Shambhala journey.  I came to the center in Brunswick simply looking for a place to meditate with like-minded people. I had never heard of Shambhala. I took one class and then another. … Continue 

Happy New Year

2012 is soon to be a memory and 2013 is still in the future.  This is a perfect time to contemplate being in the present. Consider being in the present with friends at The Brunswick Center on New Years Eve. This is also a time to returned borrowed items, clean and unclutter your space and … Continue 

And Away We Go!!

Well our new site design has been up for almost a week now.  As expected we are finding little flaws and the like and trying to fix them as we go.  Coming soon will be a page to introduce the Council.  Who are these people who labor behind the scenes to keep our Sangha alive … Continue