And Away We Go!!

Well our new site design has been up for almost a week now.  As expected we are finding little flaws and the like and trying to fix them as we go.  Coming soon will be a page to introduce the Council.  Who are these people who labor behind the scenes to keep our Sangha alive and fresh? Also, coming soon a page with Meditation Instructors to help our members connect with someone who can help them deepen their practice.  If your a meditation instructor and you haven’t yet uploaded a picture of yourself to the database, please do so to assist me in getting this page up. (ditto for council members)  I may also contact you at some point for a brief bio.

As we approach the solstice the mind seems to naturally turn inward. What a beautiful time to be a Shambhalian.  Best of the season to all of you!!

Check back often for news of our site and Sangha. If you have suggestions, don’t hesitate to pass them on!


Neil (aka Dawa Choshing, aka Good Vase Banner)

[email protected]


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