While coordinating a weekend requires discipline, preparation and attention, this doesn’t mean rigidity and control.

Be friendly to yourself and others and keep returning to a sense of humor      and delight.

You are ultimately responsible for the weekend functioning smoothly but it’s just as important that you keep a sense of the workability of every situation no matter what arises.

As coordinator of a Shambhala Training weekend, you are responsible for:

  1. Creating an uplifted environment of the Shambhala weekend.

The participants’ efforts to sharpen their senses will be inspired by a clean, spacious setting and by watching the staff performing tasks with kindness, promptness, precision and elegance.

  1.  Attending to your own state of mind and to that of the Staff and Training Director. Pay attention to “being” as well as “doing.”

Everyone will learn a lot from the way you work with your (and their) confusion, hesitation, speed, aggression and spacing out.

Use every opportunity to raise windhorse (positive energy) and remember to maintain a sense of humor, while at the same time paying close attention to details.

  1. Attending to the details.

Plan, manage and oversee every aspect of the weekend, before, during and after the weekend.

During the weekend you should attempt to delegate all the physical work, thus freeing you up to oversee the flow of the weekend.

4. Attending to form and decorum.

The Dorje Dradul introduced many aspects of form and decorum to help us wake up and cut through cocoon.

Some examples are: beginning & ending staff meetings with a bow, mindfulness of speech, cutting through speed & sloppiness by using decorum when entering and leaving rooms, & mode of dress.

Other uplifting forms include the flower arrangements, food presentation, and the framed slogans presented with each level (Levels I-IV) of training.