During a weekend program, we all journey together. The Coordinator is found at the center of many of the interactions.

As planner, facilitator, friend and teacher (of the staff), the Coordinator’s journey can become lost in the swirl of details as each situation is met on the spot.

“You have to discipline your spontaneity with intelligence. That way spontaneity has an element of orderly chaos in it. In talking about orderly chaos, we could say that orderly is disciplined, awake and chaos is acceptance of the energy that happens within that realm….

That total energy – totally creative, totally destructive – is what one might call nowness. Nowness is the sense that we are attuned to what is happening.

The past is fiction and the future is a dream, and we are just living on the edge of a razor blade. It is extraordinarily sharp, extraordinarily tentative and quivering.

 We try to establish ground but the ground is not solid enough, because it is too sharp. We are quivering between this and that.”



Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche:

Orderly Chaos: The Mandala Principle, pp. 36, 23

So please practice diligently before a level so that you can hold your seat in this wonderfully rich and ultimately very rewarding situation.


Thank you for saying YES!