Retreat Weekend: Friday Evening


Staff Meeting:

An hour before participants arrive, conduct a staff meeting to update staff on any changes, weekend preparations, review schedule and responsibilities, to set and create the decorum.

Appreciate them and talk about the value they can provide for participants and which they themselves can receive from the weekend.

Empower them!

It’s their training as well and they are a key element to its success. Encourage them to sit as much as possible.

Print and post schedule and staff logistics sheet in kitchen area.

Setup registration table.

Ask staff to sit at the back of the meditation hall so participants can have front seats

Director’s Staff Meeting:

It’s customary for the Director to have a meeting with the staff immediately following Talk#1 on Friday night.

Ask the Director in advance if s/he wants this and inform the staff by including it as an item on the “Staff Schedule”.

Prior to this meeting there should be a nice tray, fresh bottle of Sake and sparkling water, and nice glasses for all the staff and Director and placed in the Director’s Suite.

Meditation Hall

Setup Director’s chair and table for talks:  Place a small flower arrangement on the table. (Note:  the Teacher’s chair is only used by the linage holder.)

Arrange cushions in rows, clean side up and seams towards the back.

Meditation Timer Should be a trained Umdze.

Ring bell in the reception area FIVE MINUTES BEFORE SITTING and begin sitting on time.

Meet with Director: 

  • What would s/he like you to say when you introduce them?
  • Would s/he like to meet with staff after first talk?
  • Does s/he want ice in their water glass for the talk?

Introduction/Closing:   After the Director is seated, the Coordinator introduces himself or herself, welcomes the participants to the program, identifies the fire exits and introduces the Director.  At the conclusion of the talk, the coordinator introduces the AD(s) and staff, makes an announcement about the starting time in the morning, breakfast, lunch and parking details, and any other relevant details


  • Remind whoever is buying food for Saturday and Sunday.
  • Whoever is preparing breakfast needs to arrive at 7:45. DO THEY HAVE A KEY?
  • Check in with Director regarding Saturday morning and any other needs.
  • SACRED PATH ONLY: Reception food signup sheet.


SACRED PATH ONLY: Check Shrine: to be sure the candles are filled, incense and matches, juniper, charcoal and lhasang burner.

Everyday shrine is now used for all levels as well as Sacred Path.