The shrine is opened for most weekend retreats. Check with the director for the weekend if they would like to open the shrine (light candles) or if they would like it done prior to them entering the meditation hall.

  • In preparation for the opening of the shrine the following can be done when setting up the meditation hall for the event.
  • Remove the brocade fabric from the shrine and turn over the bowls.
  • Brocade fabric can be folded neatly and placed on the platform behind the gong on the time keeper platform.
  • Arrange bowls centered across the front of shrine, with a space of two finger widths between the bowls.
  • There are plastic pitchers in the kitchen on the radiator for filling the bowls with water.
  • Fill bowls generously with water
  • If director requests for the shine to be opened before they enter the meditation hall, the candles on the shrine as well as the candle next to the teacher’s chair can be lit once the participants have entered the meditation hall and are seated.
  • The candles are snuffed after each session during the weekend and then are relight at the start of the next session.
  • At the end of the day- the water is collected in the pitcher and taken outside and poured over the side banister onto the small tree next to the porch. The brocade is returned to the shrine- and the bowls are arranged upside down along the front of the shrine on top of the brocade fabric.
  • The process is repeated on consecutive days.