Protocol for Talks


TIME KEEPER rings gong once as Director enters for a Talk, then moves to cushion.


Friday Night: 

  • Escort Director to Meditation Hall and enter behind Director and Assistant Director(s).
  • Once the Director is seated and has the microphone properly attached, and the sound system has been turned on, the Coordinator gives the introduction.
  • The Coordinator states his/her name and title, welcomes the attendees/participants to the Level (e.g., “The Shambhala Meditation Center welcomes you to “Warrior in the World.”).
  • Point out the fire exits. Very simply each exit is verbally and visually identified for the audience. Reminder to remain calm and orderly.  This instruction may seem obvious but a reminder that this is where to place our mind is quite helpful. Reminder to Not Retrieve Shoes and Other Objects.
  • Remind everyone to turn off cell phones.
  • Introduce the Director using Mr., Miss, Ms. or Mrs. with short bio.
  • After the talk, make the following announcements from the front of the room:
  • Introduce Assistant Director(s) and staff.
  • Light breakfast is at 8:30. Sitting begins promptly at 9.
  • Remind everyone we only have one parking spot in front of the building and that is reserved for the Director. There are two municipal parking lots, one off of Federal Street and one between Maine Street and Cumberland, and that parking along the side streets is restricted to two hours.
  • You should have some parking handouts in the reception area, especially for level I. * This information should also be included in your welcome letter to all participants.
  • Remind them to wear comfortable clothes, with layers to adjust for varying temperatures.



SACRED PATH ONLY: Coordinator or staff lights charcoal during last walk before each talk. Check with Director about lighting candles or incense (they may want to do light them upon entering).


SACRED PATH ONLY: Graduate levels are self-staffed.  Please check the Logistics Sheet posted on outside the shrine room for your assignment. Ask for two volunteers to prepare breakfast. The Sunday reception (except Golden Key) is hosted by them.  Refer them to signup sheet in the reception area.



























Saturday and Sunday


Check with Director on estimated time of Talk, then let Timer know when to schedule a walk before Talk begins.


SACRED PATH ONLY: Coordinator or staff lights charcoal during last walk before each talk.  Check with Director about lighting charcoal, candles or incense. They may want to do this upon entering or they may prefer the timer to do this.