Post Weekend Clean-up

POST WEEKEND CLEANUP: Everyone on board! Leave the Center spotless

  • Brush off meditation cushions.
  • Clean Director’s suite.
  • Clean kitchen and put dishes away.
  • Check bathrooms
  • Empty all trash.*
  • Rearrange meditation instruction room.
  • Re-program thermostat (hit moon)
  • Leave no food at the center. Empty the refrigerator, unplug it and leave the door open.
  • See end of program cleanup checklist at end of document.


  • Cleanup
  • All garbage cans in the center must be emptied and ALL GARBAGE must be removed from the center.
  • The Coordinator must make arrangements for someone to take the garbage from the weekend and dispose of it as well as someone to take care of the laundry and arrange to have the linens returned to the center on a timely basis.
  • Final sweep of the floors before everyone leaves.
  • The both bathroom waste cans emptied and verify they are stocked with: toilet paper, paper towels, and hand soap.
  • The reception room empty waste cans. Table set up for the “registrar” to register people.