Director’s Service


One of the important aspects of your role as the coordinator is tending to the needs of the Director(s).

The coordinator, is the link between Director and the participants and staff, so do whatever you can to ease communication by asking the questions you need to and being available to the Director no matter what else is happening!

Assign a staff member to provide service to the Director for the entire weekend, with the following duties:

  • The Server reserves a cushion in the front row. This is done by placing a small “Server” card on the closest available cushion to the Director’s chair in the Meditation Hall. This is done before the sitting session begins. This card should not be placed on a participant’s cushion.
  • If the Level is very well attended, the Server should also place “Reserved” cards on non-participant cushions for the Assistant Directors.
  • This will help ensure that their seating occurs smoothly when they enter the Meditation Hall with the Director for the talk.


A few minutes before the Director arrives to give his/her talk, the Server places a beverage of the Director’s choice on the table next to the Director’s chair in the Meditation Hall.

  • The beverage should be poured in an elegant water glass (unless otherwise requested by the Director), placed on a fine-quality paper or cloth napkin and carried into the Meditation Hall on an attractive tray.
  • The glass should be placed on the side table in a way that leaves room for the Director to place his/her notes. If a filled pitcher of the beverage and glass is brought into the hall, the pitcher and tray should be left on gomden near the server.
  • During the talk, when the Director’s glass becomes half empty, the Server should discretely refill it, without distracting the Director, staff or participants.
  • A napkin should NOT be placed on top of the glass.


Additionally, when the Director enters the suite, the service staff knocks on the door and when asked to enter, should ask the director and guest(s) if they would like something e.g. tea, water, snacks.