• Level I-II: at staff meetings only
  • Level III and on: Bowing only after bowing instruction, then:
    • At beginning and end of talks, discussion groups and meetings;
    • Upon entering and leaving the meditation hall; and
    • Timers bow to each other when exchanging positions.



  • In a Shambhala context, Chogyam Trungpa is referred to as “The Dorje Dradul.”, which means Indestructible Warrior.
  • The shrine room is referred to as the “meditation hall”,
  • the Umdze as the “time keeper” and practice as “sitting meditation”



  • Permitted outside the building only.



  • Business casual. Sneakers, jeans and T-shirts are not appropriate.
  • More formal dress is to be worn for talks, particularly the first talk on Friday night.
  • It is recommended men wear a tie and sport coat or suit (this is flexible).
  • Anyone who has received a Shambhala pin is encouraged to wear them.


Entering the Meditation Hall for the Talks:

  • When the Director is ready to enter the Meditation Hall for the talk, the Staff should already be seated in the back of the hall.
  • The Director enters the hall first, followed by the Assistant Directors.
  • The Coordinator enters last.


Director’s Suite:

  • Knock before entering the Director’s Room.
  • In addition to conversations between Directors and Assistant Directors, there are often practices taking place in the Director’s Room that are only authorized for Warrior Assembly graduates and require privacy.