Checklist for the End of a Program Cleanup


Shrine Room

  • floor – vacuum or dust mop with cushions stacked

Reception Room:

  • tea table: brush off tablecloth or replace with a clean one (in cabinet underneath fridge)


  • Wipe off surfaces with a sponge
  • Wash all dishes and put away
  • Remove all food and opened drinks, including from the fridge, and take home or throw away.
  • Unplug fridge and leave open
  • Remove all recycling, boxes and bags

Trash & Recycling:

  • Collect from kitchen, bathroom, dir. Suite, tea table. We don’t have city trash pick up. Bring it home to put with your own trash, or ask someone else to take it.

Where to find the supplies:

  • Brooms, wet mop, dust mop, dustpan and brush – kitchen
  • Vacuum cleaner – closet at top of entry stairs, behind the banner. Bags are hanging on the wall to the right, near the window.
  • Bucket and scrub brush – in kitchen or at bottom of stairs
  • √ Bathroom cleaning supplies – under the sink in the bathroom – note that there are separate sponges for sink and toilet.
  • √ Bucket with other supplies (glass cleaner, furniture polish, Simple Green, surface cleaner, sponges and clean rags) – kitchen

√ Feather duster in shrine room, near umdze seat

Should you need to contact the Center Director, the Director of P & E or facilities coordinators please see the personnel list on the bulletin board at the center.


Thank you for making the cleanliness of our center part of your practice!