Weekly Updates


Send weekly staff updates to staff, Shambhala Training director (Kit), Assistant Directors and Director, including the following information:

  1. Number of participants registered so far
  2. Inform Staff of duties and have them sign up for them.
  3. Housing arrangements.
  4. Travel plans.

Participant Email:  Have a formatted message to send to participants when they register.

In addition to a welcome statement Ask them to include their address, phone#, and email address as registration information.

For those requesting a special needs discount, asking them to inform you the amount they can “comfortably afford” to pay for the weekend.

This would also be a good time to ask if they have any food allergies, for the catered lunch, tea and reception.

An attached sample email message may be used or you may want to put something together in your own words.


The Brunswick/Portland Member Database:  As people are registered log them into the database roster for the program. The database creates a registration sheet that you can use at registration.

Email area participants who are eligible (having completed the previous levels) and make Northeast Sangha Announcement.

SACRED PATH ONLY  –Some of the Sacred Path weekends have Source Book, Special Practice Materials and Chants that need to be ordered in advance.  Check with both our Resident Shambhala Training Director (Kit) and the weekend’s Director early enough to allow you to order the materials.

Level V pins also need to be ordered ahead.