Recruiting Staff

The Brunswick/Portland membership database maintains a list of qualified staff, as well as Assistant Directors. 

You could put out a call via email or contact people individually.

Consider the gender mix of your staff.  It is preferable to have a mix of men and women, rather than all one gender.

Consider including 1-2 guides, 2-3 people with staffing experience and   1-2 people perhaps with no staffing experience.

This will ensure that you have the support you need as well as creating the space for others to experience and learn the path of service.

As you contact individuals to Staff:

  • Let them know the Director may meet with the entire staff on Friday night to discuss the notion of staffing as well as the logic of the weekend and hence they’ll have opportunity for further personal teachings.
  • Ask for a commitment for the entire weekend, explaining that a continuous presence conveys to participants a commitment to Shambhala Training. Staff members are visible models of friendliness, hospitality and practice. At the very least, request an entire day.
  • For 8 or less participants you do not require an Assistant Director. Beyond 8 participants there should be one MI (Director or Assistant Director) for every 7-10 participants.
  • Staff needs to be available for clean up Friday, Saturday and Sunday until reception cleanup is complete.
  • Collect all their contact information-home/cell phone and email address.