RECOMMENDED SUPPLIES, FOOD ITEMS AND COPIES– Check to see what is currently on hand.


  1. Blank tapes and batteries for wireless mikes.
  2. Incense, juniper, candle oil, matches and charcoal.
  3. Ink and paper for stroke practice.
  4. Sticky name tags.
  5. paper plates, cups, napkins

Food Items:

  1. sugar, tea, coffee, honey.
  2. fruit, crackers, cookies, half and half, Sake and sparkling water

Copies of the following:

  1. Logic for the Level (for Assistants Director(s) and staff)
  2. Six Points of Mindful Speech (for Assistants Director(s), staff)
  3. Interview Roster Blanks
  4. Staff Logistics Sheet
  5. Timer Schedule
  6. Seating Plan
  7. Checklist
  8. Parking map
  9. Feedback Form
  10. List of participants for registration, Director, AD(s), Staff and you.



Volunteers clean the center space on a weekly basis. Depending when they came during the week the stairs and community room floors may need to be spot cleaned and the bathrooms checked for paper products (which are found under the kitchen sink)