The heat is controlled by a programmable thermostat located in the shrine room.

The thermostat has two temperature settings, a night setting(moon) and a daytime setting(sun).

It is normally programmed for the weekend to remain on the night setting until Sunday morning and return to the night setting at noon.

If an event is being conducted during the heating season, you will need to reprogram the thermostat to be set to the daytime setting for times the program will be running and then return to the night time setting at the end of the day.

Also if there are a large number people in the shrine room on days that are not too cold, the participant’s body-heat the will quickly heat up the room.

On days like that you may want to change the thermostat to the night setting, to avoid the need to open the windows.  (The landlord is rather sensitive to seeing the windows open in the winter with the heat running.  If you can avoid that, it will be much appreciated).


Programming instructions for the thermostat are located on the inside cover of the thermostat.

The program setting can be overridden by pushing the “sun” button for the daytime setting or the “moon” button for nighttime setting.

Note that on the next programming cycle (e.g. end of day or beginning of the day) the auto-programming will resume.

FYI Because the thermostat is located in the shrine room and the shrine room has fewer feet of radiators then needed and the suite has too many feet, the suite tends to over heat.