Interview Roster



Date:  ________    MI:___________ Location:_________________

  1. _______________________________________________________
  2. ________________________________________________________
  3. ________________________________________________________
  4. ________________________________________________________
  5. _________________________________________________________
  6. __________________________________________________________
  7. __________________________________________________________
  8. ___________________________________________________________



Escort Duties:

  1. Make sure the space is ready prior to interviews. (Two sets zabutons/gomdens or two sets of chairs? Ask MI which they prefer.)
  2. Have a small table nearby for MI to place a beverage or pen and paper for notes.
  3. Ask the MI if they want water or tea for a beverage.
  4. As the Director/MI how long the interviews should be.
  5. As the Director/MI how much time between first knock and second knock?
  6. Ask the Director/MI if they want more than two knocks or any other procedure.
  7. Ask the /Director/MI how they preferred to be introduced to the participants.
  8. When you bring each participant in for the interview, you present the participant to the MI and vice versa.
  9. Bring participants one at a time. After interviewee leaves collect the next one.
  10. Make two copies of this form per day per MI. One for the MI and one for escort. Keep Saturday copies for reference when making Sunday rosters.
  11. Wear a watch and keep track of the time.
  12. Maintain mood of practice environment while waiting.
  13. Use only functional speech